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Plasma applications for smart and sustainable agriculture

A Doctorate position (3 years)

A Doctorate position (3 years, about 13.000 €/year net salary) is available on the topics of Plasma Agriculture in the Department of Chemistry, University of Bari. Details can be requested at Prof. Pietro Favia (pietro.favia@uniba.it, mob. +39 3403668024). The application to the selection must be submitted no later than July 21st, 2022 at 12.00 pm (ITA time) only through the procedure available here. The exam will be performed on July 27th, 2022 at 9.00 a.m. Foreigners can perform the exam online in English. The exam consists in the form of a discussion of a project (3,500 words max, to be included in the application) dealing with the research topic in the form of answering questions on Chemistry, Cold Plasma Processes, and Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing.

The research activity is interdisciplinary between Chemistry and Agronomy, and investigates plasma processes on substrates of Agro-Food interest (seeds, soil, part of plants for ground/greenhouse, water for irrigation/disinfection, etc), for developing eco-compatible protocols of decontamination of the substrates mentioned, of protection of the seeds from fungi and other pathogens, and of activation of seed germination, with the aim of limiting the use of pesticides and fertilizers. The research group has already published on this topic:

  • Masiello et al, J Mol Sci 22, 9301, 2021
  • Lo Porto et al, Plasma Proc Polym 16, 1900022, 2019
  • Lo Porto et al, Inn Food Sci & Em Tech 49, 13, 2018

Action details

CSO Approval date – 24/03/2020
Start: 2020 October 6th
Ends: 2024 October 5th

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Main aim and objective of the Action

Is to investigate the potential of non-thermal/cold plasmas as a green alternative to conventional fertilizers in agriculture and reduce the need for pesticides.

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Smart & sustainable agriculture

Improving the sustainability of agriculture and, at the same time, reducing the adverse effects of agriculture on the environment requires efficient technologies that enhance productivity while maintaining food quality and safety.

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Short description

PlAgri Action

The PlAgri Action aims to investigate the potential of low-temperature plasmas (cold plasmas) as a green alternative for treating seeds, plants, agricultural wastewater, growth media, manure, and study undergoing processes of plasma treatment. The Action aims to break the classical field boundaries for a new dimension in sustainable agriculture with lower chemical impact, higher yield, and sustainability.

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What is a gaseous plasma?

In summary, plasma is a state of gas in which a significant portion of molecules are dissociated and ionized, containing electrons, atoms, and molecules.

What can plasma do for agriculture?

The Action aims to investigate the potential of non-thermal plasmas as a green alternative to traditional materials and technologies used in agriculture.

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