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september, 2023

COST ACTION 19110 – PlAgri

Duration: 2020 October 6th → 2024 October 5th

Chair Nevena Puac (RS)
Vice chair Frantisek Krcma (CZ)

Contact: gregor.primc@ijs.si

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The inclusion of further partners are welcome and strongly encouraged during the entire duration of the Action.

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Gervais B. Ndiffo Yemeli, Mário Janda and Zdenko Machala published a scientific paper in Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, v. 42, p. 1143, about “Non‑thermal Plasma as a Priming Tool to Improve the Yield of Pea in Outdoor Conditions”, DOI.

Leti, L.-I., Gerber, I.C., Mihaila, I., Galan, P.-M., Strajeru, S., Petrescu, D.-E., Cimpeanu, M.-M., Topala, I. and Gorgan, D.-L published a review paper in Plants, v. 11, p. 2181 about “The Modulatory Effects of Non-Thermal Plasma on Seed’s Morphology, Germination and Genetics—A Review”, DOI


Dominik Kostoláni, Gervais B. Ndiffo Yemeli, Renáta Švubová, Stanislav Kyzek and Zdenko Machala published a scientific paper in Plants, v. 10, p. 750, about “Physiological Responses of Young Pea and Barley Seedlings to Plasma-ActivatedWater”, DOI.

Barbora Tarabová 1, Francesco Tampieri, Elisabetta Maran, Ester Marotta, Andrea Ostrihonová, Marco Krewing and Zdenko Machala published a scientific paper in Foods, v. 10, p. 2055, about “Chemical and Antimicrobial Effects of Air Non-Thermal Plasma Processing of Fresh Apple Juice with Focus on Safety Aspects”, DOI.

Kumar, A., Škoro, N., Gernjak, W. et al. published a review paper in Eur. Phys. J. D, v. 75, p. 283 about “Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technology for Removal of Organic Micropollutants From Wastewater—a Review, DOI.

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