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june, 2024

COST ACTION 19110 – PlAgri

Duration: 2020 October 6th → 2024 October 5th

Chair Nevena Puac (RS)
Vice chair Frantisek Krcma (CZ)

Contact: gregor.primc@ijs.si

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The inclusion of further partners are welcome and strongly encouraged during the entire duration of the Action.

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Capacity building objectives



Create a multidisciplinary network that will increase the potential of finding partners both in academia and industry, improving inclusiveness and interaction with future users across Europe.

Share new knowledge

Create and share new knowledge with the emphasis on testing the results and procedures at several sites.


Sharing the existing facilities and resources, including human resources.

Social networking

Manage a network of Action’s social networking sites for a broader outreach.

Early Career Investigators

The Action will take special care to promote Early Career Investigators (ECI).

Female researchers

Support and encourage activity and involvement of female researchers, both in terms of scientific and technical contribution and supporting their roles as leaders of Working Groups (WGs).

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