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2nd Workshop on Plasma Applications for Smart and Sustainable Agriculture

The second Workshop of the COST Action CA 19110 – Plasma applications for smart and sustainable agriculture took place in the periods 8-9 September 2022 in High Tatras, Slovakia. It followed all the four directions of the Action CA 19110, coordinated by Dr Nevena Puać, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia, dedicated to research in the fields of i) low-temperature plasma treatment of seeds, ii) plants and soil, iii) plasma treatment of agricultural wastewater, culture media and manure, as well as in the field of plasma-activated water production, and iv) in the field of applications of plasma processes and technologies in the food industry. The workshop, chaired by Prof. Zdenko Machala, Prof. Karol Hensel, and Prof. Mario Janda, Comenius University in Bratislava, offered valuable insight into several research fields of plasma in agriculture, bringing together researchers from across Europe with expertise in plasma physics, chemistry, biology, agricultural and food sciences, as well as engineering.

The organization of the Workshop was ensured by the International Scientific Committee and Local Organizing Committee.

The lectures covered topics: Plasma for foods (4), Plasma activated water (8), Plasma for seeds (5), and Plasma for plants (9).

The book of abstracts is available here.

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